• rose

The First Trimester

The dreaded first trimester. Nausea, fatigue, having to hold it together because no one knows you are pregnant. Where was that pregnancy glow I had heard so much about?

The first trimester was rough for me, to say the least. I would come home from work and crawl into bed from exhaustion. My diet consisted of saltine crackers and lots of carbs. Exercise was a huge struggle. Devon wanted our future baby to have an adventurous palate, so while I was feeling sick to my stomach, he was cooking up a storm and experimenting with oh so fragrant foods such as shallots (little did he know our baby did not even have taste buds yet at that point!).

What nobody tells you, is that you don't just automatically feel 100% better once the second trimester comes. I truly expected to feel a world of difference once I was 13 weeks pregnant. This was not the case. It took a good few weeks into my second trimester to start to SLOWLY feel better. Once I had my energy back, and the nausea subsided, I felt so relieved. I felt like I had a second wind, and I could take on the world!

One of the most rewarding parts of the first trimester was getting to see our little nugget on ultrasound. After feeling so awful, it was an amazing feeling to see the anatomy and watch an actual fetus moving around - it made it all feel so real, and worth the hardship.