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San Pedro La Laguna

Updated: Sep 6

Lake Atitlan, San Pedro

After a 2.5 hour bus ride and 20 minute boat ride, we arrived in San Pedro La Laguna on Sunday October 7, 2018. We have been taking Spanish lessons while staying in a homestay. The family we are staying with are lovely; Anita and Luis, and their children Brian, Herman, Louisa and Edith. We came knowing almost no Spanish at all, and already in the first week we have learned so much! At first, the meal time conversations were pretty quiet as we did not know how to ask or any questions. Slowly we are getting the hang of things! It doesn't hurt that Luis and Brian also work at the Coopertiva Spanish School and speak some English.

It has been unusually rainy here. Luckily, the sun came out yesterday morning when we were exploring a nearby town, San Marcos.