• rose

ROCK n'roll out

Guatape, Colombia In Guatape there is a big rock. It is really big. Normal tourists would agree it sticks out like a sore thumb. Tourists who also happen to be geologists (such as Devon!) are even more impressed by the unique geological appearance and vegetation. The view from the top requires 600 and something steps up, but it is amazing and totally worth it! The geography here is incredible. There has obviously been some recent development and Guatape is now a tourist hot spot; both of us found ourselves wondering what this place had been like before humans interfered.

In our short time in the small town of Guatape, we drank coffee in the square with the locals, went kayaking on the lake, and walked around the town's beautifully bright coloured buildings.

Guatape was a nice side trip from Medellin, and the views really were stunning...but we felt that this was one of those places that was very hyped up and did not necessarily live up to its expectations. Basically once you see the rock, it's time to roll out.