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Pregnancy Reveal!

Updated: Jun 8

We found out we were pregnant fairly early on, but we kept it a secret for a while. We wanted to think of a fun and creative way to share the good news with our family and friends. We decided we wanted to wait to tell my parents in person, which meant waiting until the holidays in December, when I would be around 17 weeks pregnant. It was a tough secret to keep, especially given that I did not feel so hot my first trimester, but in the end, it was so much fun to see everyone's reactions in person - it was definitely worth it!

In the fall, Devon and his friend Rob had been experimenting with some homemade cider. Although I never got to try any, I was told it turned out really well!

We decided to use the cider and come up with a fun label to surprise our family and friends with our pregnancy news. An abstract photo and a little play on words...it took everyone a good few minutes before they figured it out. It was great watching the realization/surprise/excitement transform over their faces!

Now that the secret was out...the countdown was on!