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Lake Life

Updated: Sep 6

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Life around Lake Atitlan is probably as laid back as it comes. We spend the mornings walking around, exploring a nearby town, or studying at one of the local cafes. In the afternoons we take Spanish Lessons. Lucky for us, our teachers are excellent! Not to mention, super patient. It has been challenging but rewarding to learn a new language.

Highlights of the last week include:

1. Playing soccer, or "football" as they call it here, with a bunch of local Guatemalans and students from the school.

2. Climbing Volcano San Pedro and enjoying the view from a rope swing.

3. Celebrating Anita's birthday! I guess it's tradition here to shove the birthday girl/boys' face in the cake after we sing happy birthday. We are thinking of bringing this back to Canada..!!

As we gear up for our second week of Spanish lessons, we are thinking about how impressed our family and friends will be when we can carry on a conversation en espanol!