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Chocolate Milk

Cajon Del Maipo, Chile

One of the highlights of Chile so far has been taking a little road trip to an area called Cajon Del Maipo. We rented a peppy little Suzuki and headed for the mountains! The first night we camped next to the El Yeso Reservoir, which we both agreed is the Chilean version of Spray Lakes in Canmore, Alberta. The icy blue water was a stunning sight against a background of green and pink hills and snowy mountains in the distance.

The next day we really got our money's worth out of our rental car; Devon had the car at max power as we navigated up a steep gravel road. In Canada, only 4x4s and higher up cars would ever tackle a road like that...but in South America, anything seems to go. And really, why not! We made it up in one piece (as did the Suzuki!!). We hiked to the "hidden" glacier, also known as Colgante El Morado. The chocolate milk glacier lake was not at all what we were expecting! It was a beautiful hike nonetheless.

We really enjoyed the freedom of driving our own car, after relying on public transportation for so many months. It felt liberating to do what we wanted, when we wanted. We also loved being back in the outdoors away from the city hustle and bustle. Waking up to fresh mountain air is a hard feeling to top.

From Santiago, we then took an overnight bus to Pucon, a mountain town with lots to explore. Stay tuned for our next post!