• rose

Best Travel Apps

1. Google Maps

Download offline maps for whichever city you are visiting. This has been invaluable!

2. Duolingo

Free, easy, fun, and useful way to learn a new language!

3. Netflix

For downloading TV shows and movies offline whenever the internet is fast enough to do so.

4. Spotify

Long bus or plane rides go by way faster when you have some sweet playlists to listen to. You can download playlists, albums, songs, podcasts etc which are available offline.

5. Google Translate

This has come in super handy for us this trip! Our Spanish is okay but we still need help from time-to-time. This app comes with a camera function so you can point your phone at a menu or sign, and it will translate for you, which is pretty neat.

6. Accomodation Apps (Booking.com, Hostelworld, Airbnb etc)

It is helpful to have the app on your phone of whichever booking company you prefer.

7. WhatsApp

Everyone seems to use this internationally so it's a great way to connect with fellow travellers, tours companies, and accommodation. It's not limited to just iphone or android, like other messaging apps are.

8. Skype

It is ridiculously cheap to buy Skype minutes and make a phone call back home or to any international number while traveling. For some reason, Skype has been more reliable than Facetime Audio or Video with regards to the connection.

9. Splittr

We use Splittr at home and also while traveling, to keep track of all of our expenses. It is a really useful app which can easily determine how much each person owes. It is also useful for figuring out who owes what, when you're are planning with a group of people.

10. Hoopla/Public Library App

Basically if you have a local library card, you can sign up and have access from anywhere in the world! Free books, movies, audiobooks etc.

11. Uber

Although Uber has yet to come to some Canadian cities (ahem Vancouver!!), it is widespread internationally, and usually cheaper than getting a taxi.

12. Instagram

To keep your friends and family in the loop, but also to check out travel destinations! We often search by location or hashtag, and are able to see recent posts, which give us a good idea about the weather, and whether we want to go etc.