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Surrounded by Giants

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua lies in a valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains and volcanoes. Our first few days of our 6 month trip were spent in this quaint little city. We navigated the cobble streets, shopped in the market, and toured the convents and churches which are being restored from the damage from a huge earthquake in the 1700s.

We also tried out the local brewery, which I probably wouldn't recommend to others (trust us, the hangover isn't worth it!).

Less than 24 hours into our trip, Devon had us signed up to hike a volcano. The first day we hiked to "basecamp" of Acatenango. Lucky for us, coming from Calgary and being used to the elevation and hiking in the rockies, it wasn't too difficult a climb. The clouds rolled in that evening, so all we were left with was lightning and the sounds of Fuego erupting in the background. We were up the next morning around 3:45 am, and began our ascent in the dark to the summit. 3976m elevation; freezing, but totally worth it. We got to see lava erupting from Fuego against a black night sky, as well as with the sunrise.