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Devon learns the chicken dance, again...

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Tulum, Mexico

We spent 5 days last week enjoying the life of luxury, at an all inclusive resort.

Anyone who has backpacked before, can attest that despite the amazing photos and stories, a lot of the time, traveling can be anything but glamorous. When a hot shower and no bed bugs feel like a real treat, you know you have been living life to a different standard. Our friends from Calgary thought it was strange that one of the first things we wanted to do when we arrived at the resort, was workout at the gym. This was supposed to be a vacation!! Bring on the sunshine and margaritas am I right?! Not quite. Devon and I were craving a bit of normal routine, including exercising, and trying to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. We had only gone to the gym once (which was less than hygenic), and otherwise we had been doing the occasional "at home workout". It is definitely a challenge to stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy while travelling...another blog post on that later though!

We had a great time celebrating our friends Candace and Rob. Turns out, everyone knows the moves to the chicken dance...except Devon.

A highlight for us was snorkeling and swimming with tons of rays (one which tried to eat Devon's head!), a huge turtle, and so many bright tropical fish!

By day 5 we weren't quite ready to go back to nomad life. We had mixed emotions; staying at an all inclusive has its perks, but we also missed the venturesome (shout out to Michelle Lem) slightly-uncomfortable side of traveling. As we boarded the flight to Costa Rica, we both felt excited for the next leg of our adventure.